DJI Wingsland Z15 Spotlight


  • For DJI M300
  • Gimbal Spotlight
  • 3-axis gimbal
  • Quad Sensor Solutions
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DJI Wingsland Z15 Spotlight

High-power beads shine brightly from the Wingsland Z15, a gimbal spotlight that rotates on three axes.

Light up the night or improve visibility in low-light situations for users in firefighting, emergency response, law enforcement, and more with this DJI SkyPort-powered light that can be readily placed onto DJI Matrice 200 Series V1 and V2 drones.



Change the setting from Always on to Flashing or SOS depending on the situation.


Cooling Methods Using Air

The spotlight’s internal air-cooling mechanism keeps it from overheating through continual heat dissipation.


Superintelligent Safety

In order to prevent damage from overheating, the Wingsland Z15 has safeguards in place. If the inside temperature rises above 90 degrees Celsius, the system will readjust itself automatically.


Facilitates Two Aft-Mounted Swivels

For more light in low-light situations, the Wingsland Z15 may be utilised with DJI Zenmuse payloads on DJI aircraft having a dual-downward gimbal.


Protection of the General Public

The Wingsland Z15’s high brightness and extensive working range make it an indispensable tool for public safety authorities in a wide variety of operations, giving them a bird’s-eye vision of a huge region even in low light.

Uses for this can include:

After a fire or natural disaster, firefighters must illuminate a path for the public to follow to safety.

Search and rescue operations in times of emergency require the ability to see in the dark.
Use as a versatile light source for crowd control, forensics work, or regular patrols by law enforcement.


Maintenance and Fixes to Existing Structures

The Wingsland Z15 may be used to illuminate a vast area from above when the power goes out or when buildings collapse at night, allowing for rapid and effective emergency repairs to be made.

This would not only save money but also ensure the safety of the general public and employees.