DJI Terra Pro 1 Year (1 device)


  • Reconstructing Models
  • Reconstruct Instantly
  • Data Processing For Lidar
  • Extensive Examination
  • Easily Measure Coordinates


DJI Terra Pro 1 Year (1 device)

You can simply map, analyse, and visualise your environment using DJI Terra. This software was developed to aid professionals in converting actual events into digital assets.

Code Instructions

1. After your subscription has been successfully completed, an activation code for DJI Terra will be sent to the email address you supplied.

2. You may request a refund if the product activation code is not utilised within 7 calendar days of delivery. There is no assurance that activated licences will be accepted for return or refund.

3. You may only submit one unrestricted request for a single-device licence per calendar year. a licence that is compatible with three devices: There can only be two unbinding requests per calendar year. Following the submission of an unbinding request, all bound devices covered by the licence will become free.

4. A user account that is connected to a licence cannot be changed.

DJI Terra Benefits

Model reconstruction: Import images to create a precise 3D model and a 2D orthophoto map with excellent resolution.

Real-time reconstruction: Create a 2D orthophoto map and a 3D model in real-time throughout the trip to generate discoveries as you fly.

Processing of lidar data: With just one click with DJI L1, DJI Terra can deliver extremely precise true-color cloud spots.

Detailed Inspection: Routes can be built automatically based on target points supplied in a 3D model or point cloud to automate inspection procedures.

Easy measurement: Includes the opportunity to rename or export the data results, of targets’ coordinates, distances, regions, volumes, and other vital data.

Model Reconstruction
Real-time Reconstruction
Lidar Data Processing
Detailed Inspection
Model application

1 x DJI Terra Pro 1 Year (1 device) Digital Code