• CSM Radar
  • For M300 RTK and M350 RTK
  • Improve Situational Awareness
  • Offers 360 Degree Horizontal Detection



The DJI CSM Radar improves awareness while flying DJI’s commercial drone.

The CSM (Circular Scanning Millimeter-Wave) is an object detection system for the DJI M300 RTK

It is extremely useful in low-level environments where you cannot see thin objects such as branches, wires, and cables. It can save your rig from an accident that could not have been avoided without the CSM Radar.

  • Can Detect Thin Objects – The radar can detect wires, powerlines and branches
  • Improves Awareness – Covers the original M300 RTK’s detections sensors’ blind spots.
  • Comprehensive Coverage – The CSM Radar has a detection distance of 1.5 – 30 metres.
  • Braking And Warning System -Adding more safety, you can pre-set the obstacle braking distace.
  • Low-level environment Operations – Can be used to spot objects in the darkness
  • Sturdy System – IP45 Rating

1 x CSM Radar